Math Subjects Tutored

A+ Tutor Math specializes in tutoring math subjects taught in high school levels.  Our tutors are well qualified (see qualification) to teach the following subjects.  We also help students raise their scores in ACT and SAT tests (click for more information on college entrance exam prep).  Our student successes are supported by data. We will be happy to showcase the improvements our students achieved from our program.

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Components of Math Subjects Tutored:

  1. High School Math Subjects:
    1. Algebra I
    2. Algebra II
    3. Geometry
    4. Trigonometry
    5. Pre-Calculus
    6. Calculus
  1. ACT and SAT Exam Prep topics:
    1. Test taking strategy
    2. Test time management
    3. Test standard preparation
    4. Improve problem solving speed
  1. Highly Qualified Tutor:
    1. Graduate from top engineering college
    2. Advanced degrees in Engineering
    3. Over 15 years experience in tutoring
  1. Homework and exam:
    1. Review lessons. Explain math concepts in plain English. Find out student’s missing skill gaps that hinder understanding of lessons at hand. Give examples suitable to student’s skill levels.
    2. Help student understand and work out test review from school before exam to get good grade.
  1. Build foundation:
    1. Use adaptive test to locate prior grade skill gaps.
    2. Prescribe customized CAI (computer aided instruction) lesson plans to address gaps.
    3. Follow lesson plans to backfill gaps.
  1. Tutoring Philosophy:
    1. Math skills build on solid foundation
    2. All students can excel in math
    3. If you can add, you know math basics

Specialize in helping students overcome math anxiety by building solid foundation in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Struggling or lost in math? Tutoring in time avoid college remediation in future.

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