Step by Step Process



Using the CBLPC (Computer Based Learning Personal Coaching) tutoring methodology, a typical step by step process is illustrated:

1. Analyze student test scores from school to find out student instructional level

2. Administer adaptive assessment test to find out student skill gaps

3. Prescribe customized lesson plan to address student skill gaps

4. Apply blended methodology using computerized curriculum and math experts teach one-on-one

5. Reinforce with TPPP (Target Practice with Paper and Pencil) take home exercises

6. Build student confidence and self-esteem to bring student up to and exceed grade level proficiency

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Road to Success:

  • 1 = CAI (Computer Aided Instruction)
  • 2 = Human Coaching
  • 3 = Get Back to the Basics
  • 4 = Practice Makes Perfect