Blended Tutoring Methodology

Head coach, Henry Ng, uses CBLPC (Computer Based Learning Personal Coaching) tutoring methodology to prep a high school senior for 2016 ACT Exam

Head coach, Henry Ng, uses CBLPC (Computer Based Learning Personal Coaching) tutoring methodology to prep a high school senior for 2016 ACT Exam

64 checkedA+ Tutor Math (A+) employs a blended learning methodology (CBLPC-Computer Based Learning, Personal Coaching) to deliver tutoring through a number of different methods. These tutoring methods are designed to complement each other and work in tandem to achieve overall learning objectives and outcomes. Blended instruction is reportedly more effective than purely face-to-face or purely computer classes. Blended learning methods can also result in high levels of student achievement more effective than face-to-face learning.

A+ is uniquely positioned to help students overcome academic new challenges with our proven CBLPC methodology and record of success. A+ targets the high school and middle-school students who have demonstrated needs for math remediation and exam preparation for college entrance exams (ACT, SAT) and PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers).

CBLPC builds skill from the ground up by using research-based computer aided instruction curriculum and recursive adaptive assessment tests starting from three to four grade levels below enrolled grade to locate skill gaps. CBLPC prescribes customized computer lesson plans to address skill deficiency identified. After a student finishes lessons in the lesson plan, another assessment test one grade level higher is administered. The skill recovery process repeats itself until the student attains grade level proficiency. The process reinforces with TPPP (Target Practice with Paper and Pencil) take home exercises.

At risk students are usually shy from asking questions or seeking help in class for fear of showing incompetence. In this proposed program, A+ tutors teach one-on-one whenever students need help. Students learn at their instructional level. They overcome shyness, open up themselves to learn from tutors, and are in control of their own learning. Students build self esteem when they see the assessment test grade level advances higher and higher, inching towards their enrolled grade. PARCC, ACT or SAT is not scary any more.

To prepare students for standardized tests, A+ conducts exam review classes to go over CCSS (Common Core State Standards) standards and referenced curriculum strand by strand. Students get a bird’s eye view of all contents and possible test topics in PARCC, ACT and SAT. For the first time in their academic career, students feel they are in charge of their destiny. Students are encouraged to collectively choose selected test topics and sample problems to review in preparation for PARCC, ACT and SAT test retake. The project transforms students into knowledgeable, well prepared high school seniors confident to take on the PARCC, ACT and SAT exams.