Safety Procedures_Covid-19

Response to Covid-19: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) During Pandemic:

A+ Tutor Math shall follow New Mexico Government health guideline and apply the following SOP for all tutoring sessions.  A+ Tutor Math will modify the SOP to reflect any changes issued by the Government.

  1. Social distancing: All students are assigned a dedicated seat and computer setup. All students are placed six feet away from other students.
  2. Face masks: All students and staff members are required to wear a face mask in the building. Parents are required to provide face masks to their children. Each student is required to have a spare face mask any time.
  3. Hand washing and sanitizing: All students are required to wash their hands before beginning their work day. A+ Tutor Math will make hand sanitizing fluid available to all.
  4. Surface cleaning: A+ Tutor Math shall spray clean all surfaces accessible to students and tutors at the end of every tutoring session.
  5. Physical separation: A+ Tutor Math shall set up physical partition panels between work areas.
  6. Body temperature: A+ Tutor Math shall take temperature of every student at the beginning of each tutoring session with a non-impact thermometer.