Founder and Head Coach (Math): Henry Ng, PE (Retired Professional Engineer)

BS in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering (UC Berkeley)
MS in Nuclear Engineering (UNM)

Professional Credential: Licensed Professional Engineer (Retired)

Engineering Technical Experience:
Computer modeling and risk assessment of nuclear waste and reactor accidents

Education Industry experience and specialty:
Since 2004, provided tutoring services to over 2000 students with excellent results. Applied proven methodology, CBLPC (Computer Based Learning, Personal Coaching), to bring students up to or exceed grade level proficiency in math.

Research and Development Activities:
Developed CBLPC (Computer Based Learning, Personal Coaching) remediation methodology which integrates computerized curriculum, high-tech data-mining technology, and human interface technique to help students recover math skill gaps in the most efficient manner and shortest time frame.

Interesting Side Note:
Took GRE (Graduate Record Examination) in 1976 and attained full score in math.

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Other Tutoring Coaches:

All tutoring coaches receive 40 hours of professional development training in our CBLPC methodology plus a minimum of three months mentoring. Our coaches have advanced degrees and/or working experiences in math related fields. Most are current or retired high school math teachers