ACT/SAT Exam Prep Math

Program:        ACT/SAT Exam Prep in Math  download

Serving Students in: Rio Rancho and  Albuquerque

Location:     3188 Southern Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Contact:       Office: 505-891-8888 or Cell: 505-269-3370

Targeted Students:  Among all ACT/SAT test topics, math is the section most New Mexico students need help in. This program is ideal for students who are committed (attend classes, complete all practice drills) and need to:

  • learn test taking strategies, gain confidence, and raise ACT/SAT score in the shortest possible time
  • apply for STEM programs or technical fields
  • achieve above average math score to do well in business or professional degrees in college
  • devote at least 2 weeks for an intensive program, or a regular 4 week program for test preparation
  • need high score to compete for scholarships or get into the dream college
  • avoid wasting time on non-credit college math remediation classes
  • review forgotten math topics or subjects not taught in school at all

Program Hours:    26 hours total classes. Additional tutoring after class at no extra charge for students who need basic math remediation or advanced topics tutoring to shoot for scholarships 

Activities:    Classroom lectures, mock exam practices, and computer based learning where applicable

Guarantee Results: (see details)

Program description:

Program is tailored to each student’s background and level of math proficiency. It is aligned with ACT/SAT math standard.  It can also serve as math remediation and preparation for college or career.

Program includes lectures, exercises, mock exams, and individualized lesson plans to assure students achieve their target scores. It reviews basic math concepts applicable to all students taking ACT/SAT plus advanced topics for high achievers shooting for full scores. It also teaches test taking techniques such as time management, process of elimination to improve odds of picking right answers and math study technique. ACT/SAT exam prep on English and Science is also available; please ask for program details and cost.

Proven Results & Strategy–References Available Upon Request

ACT/SAT Exam Prep Program Schedule:

ACT/SAT Test Date Exam Prep-Class Dates Total Prep Hrs  Program Costs
06/12/21 05/15/21, 05/22/21, 05/29/21, 06/05/21

(9 am to 3 pm)

 24  $495 Registration in progress (please call or text 505-269-3503) for registration details.
04/17/21 ACT 03/20/21, 03/27/21, 04/03/21, 04/10/21

(9 am to 3 pm)

24 $495 Completed
04/04/20 ACT 03/07/20, 03/14/20, 03/21/20, 03/28/20 (6hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
02/08/20 ACT 01/18/20, 01/20/20, 01/25/20, 02/01/20 (6hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
12/14/19 ACT 11/16/19, 11/23/19, 11/30/19, 12/07/19 (6hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
10/26/19 ACT 09/28/19, 10/05/19, 10/12/19, 10/19/19 (6hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
09/14/19 ACT 08/31/19, 09/01/19, 09/07/19, 09/08/19 (6hrs/day); 9/11 optional attendance (2 hrs.) 26 $495 Completed
06/08/19 ACT 05/24/19, 05/25/19, 05/26/19, 05/27/19 (6hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
04/13/19 ACT 03/16/19, 03/23/19, 03/30/19, 04/06/19        (6 hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed
02/09/19 ACT 01/12/19, 01/19/10, 01/26/19, 02/02/19         (6 hrs/day) 24 $495 Completed