Summer Math Tutoring 2024

Program:        Summer Math Camp (2024)


1. Build solid foundation and excel in math

2. Pass Geometry, or Algebra “Credit Recovery Test”

Location:        3188 Southern Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124        (between Golf Course & Sara)

Program Descriptions:

Students can choose either one or both goal specific activities.

–          Remediate or exceed grade level skills:

  • Student takes an instructional level assessment test to locate skill gaps
  • Personalized Lesson Plan to address missing math skills identified by assessment test
  • Tutor teaches student one-on-one using lesson plan from assessment test
  • Drill exercises aligned with lesson plan to reinforce math skills just learnt
  • Repeat “assessment test/lesson plan” cycle until student is at or exceed grade level

–          Subject Specific (Algebra or Geometry):

  • Student follows school instructions and takes school mandated credit recovery lessons
  • Tutor teaches student ono-on-one
  • Explain lesson relevant theory, concepts, and fill skill gaps for lesson mastery
  • Prescribe individualized supplemental lessons and exercises

Program Schedule (Starts on June 3rd and ends on July 26th)

  • Student commits to blocks of two weeks until goal is reached
  • There are three sessions per day. Each session last 2 hours:
    • Morning session: 9:30am to 11:30a
    • Noon session:  noon to 2:00pm
    • Afternoon session:   2:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Program A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (6 instructional hours/week); $165/week
  • Program B: Tuesday, Thursday (4 instructional hours/week); $119/week

Fee includes all tutoring, curriculum, tests, homework assignments, and supply

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