After School Math Program_HS

Program:        Math Remediation and Enrichment, Algebra I/II, Geometry

Location:         3188 Southern Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (between Golf Course & Sara)

Contact:          Office: 505-891-8888 or Cell: 505-269-3370,

Program goals: Two primary goals. 1: Remediation. 2: Enrichment. Students build a solid math foundation by recovering any and all missing skills. Ultimately excel in math by achieving top ranks in all tests.

Program Descriptions and Specifics:

Remediation/Build Foundation:

  • Student takes an adaptive assessment test to identify instructional level and locate any prerequisite skill for the math course of interest
  • Based on data compiled from adaptive test and input from teachers, a lesson plan is tailored to the student to recover any missing math skills identified
  • Tutors teach students one-on-one per lesson plan
  • If after student finishes the first lesson plan and still lacks skills to take the course, student may repeat aforementioned assessment test-lesson plan cycle until student is ready to take the course

Shoot for Excellence:

  • Help students master math content in school and complete homework assignments
  • Complement homework assignments and tests with additional exercises which challenge students and nourish critical thinking skill
  • Help students prepare for upcoming tests

Program Schedule and Activity:        2 sessions per week, Session A and B (to be finalized)

  • Session A: 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Monday and Thursday, 2 instructional hours/week (to be finalized)
  • Session B: 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Friday, 2 instructional hours/week (to be finalized)
  • Facility available to students outside of scheduled instructional hours. Students can request assistance on homework on tutor time availability basis at no extra charge.

Cost:    TBD per student per week for either session A or B (2 instructional hours per week)

TBD  per student per week for both sessions A and B (4 instructional hours per week)

Students can choose any number of sessions and different sessions spanning several weeks.

All tuitions are pre-paid. Fee includes instructions, curriculum, tests, assignments, and supply.

Class Size:       Minimum 2 students to form class

Targeted Students:     High School students who;

  • Fall behind due to missing skills gaps
  • Need raise school grade to target level
  • Shoot for high scores in school as well as standardized tests