Result Guarantee

ACT Result Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Our mission is to help all students achieve the highest ACT test score possible. We encourage students realize their potential by setting up and sharing an achievable score improvement goal under this program. We offer the guarantee to remind us always try harder for our students’ success.

All reference to test score applies to math section of ACT test only. Score improvement is defined by the difference between the test score of target test and the student’s prior ACT test.

The Guarantee:

  1. If student target test score does not exceed the prior ACT test score by 3 or more points, student can attend the next ACT Exam Prep program at no charge.
  2. Student must take the next ACT test immediately following the first target test the student is prepared for.

Provisions for Guarantee:

  1. Baseline test score is defined by
    1. the last ACT test taken by the student within the last 6 months before the target ACT test
  2. Target ACT test score
    1. Official ACT test score from ACT, or,
    2. Student log into his/her ACT account at A+ Tutor Math and print out the score from ACT web site directly
  3. Program guarantee applies to baseline test score between 15 and 27.
  4. Student must attend all class days of program.
  5. Student must follow instruction to work on customized lesson plans, complete exercise drills, and take the mock exams.
  6. Student must take the targeted ACT test immediately following the exam prep program.

Baseline Test Scores below 15 require student demonstrate mastery of fundamental skill level at or exceed 8th grade level before result guarantee applies. For additional fee, A+ Tutor Math can provide customized remediation tutoring to raise student math skill level to 8th grade or higher before taking the ACT Exam Prep program.