Program Partners

A+ Tutor Math has been running a very successful ACT Exam Prep program for several years. We serve students from school districts and charter schools around Albuquerque metro area.

Beginning school year 19-20, A+ Tutor Math is in collaboration with A+ Tutoring Services, Inc., a New Mexico 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, to offer an enhanced ACT Exam Prep program to Rio Rancho Public Schools students.

This enhanced program is customized for RRPS students with following extra benefits:

  1. Free ACT exam strategy seminar
  2. Additional tutoring hours for no additional charge
  3. Discount to program fee when students take both math and English concentration classes
  4. Financial aid to students on a needs basis
  5. Free retake of prep program if students meet following conditions
    1. Students have attended all classes
    2. Student have completed all homework assigned
    3. Students have not achieved minimum score increase after attending prep program

For more information, please click the link to A+ Tutoring Services, Inc. website.